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    •      I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I am of Mexican and Native American heritage. I am proud of both. I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. In all the years of regular school, I had no special training but my own self training. I drew inspiration from artist such as Vaughn Bod        e, Norman Rockwell, Frank Frazzeta, Bernie Wrightson, and Frank Miller. I pride my self on my own originality creativity. I have worlds in my head, and I'm slowly getting those out on paper.
          My mother and my brother were the greatest influences on my life. Both encouraged me and gave my my drive to constantly to be better. My mother died when I was young, and her spirit still drives me and motivates me. My brother and I both learned from each other and would constantly refine our own styles and tastes.
          My career began in the silk screening business, and still does today. It is my bread and butter. I have an incredible amount of experience in silk screening now. I have worked in the pin and embroidery business too.
         As for my personal life, I have worked on and off on comic books for a good amount of my career. All independent comics. I have had a lot of work published. I've been an inker and creator of many stories. I've worked on a lot of independent groups and projects.
          I'm currently working on my own comic book and board game. I'm attempting to start an independent and creative company called, Cratemade. It will be a facility of shear freedom and creative strength that will allow artists of all fields to work together, and draw on inspiration of each others work. I've worked under scrutinized positions for many years and I now am free of that and will pursue independent projects that I've put off for many years.
         Here now, is my display of my art. If, you hadn't noticed, I love big women. Not only do I love the shape of big beautiful women, but I adore there bravery and independence and courage. Society has these unwritten laws and rules of what the definition of beauty is, but ignores actual real beauty before our very eyes. Women come in all shapes, sizes, colors, widths, heights, weights, and personality. My art attempts to represent that idea and spread that idea in a manner of art in it's simplicity or complexity. The time of the real womens shape is here, and it is being heard across the globe. We don't need to look to magazines, or fashion shows, but look around us in our daily lives and see that beauty that is there before us and admire it. That is my simple message.
       Please look at my work, and support me and my ideas. In the time to come, I will bring more inspirations of beauty, and my heritage, and my skills and knowledge and creativity as much as I can. I only ask for attention, interests, and support to my work.
      Thank you, and I appreciate the support.
    • Richard LeGarreta 

    What is Crateamde?

    Cratemade is my flagship company for creativity and imagination. It is my continuing pursuit of my art and design work and more. I will showcase my art, comic book, game design, and much more. Please feel free to look at my artwork and if your interested in something you would like or maybe would like to create something new, please contacted me. 

    Commission work and portraits

    Yes, I can do portraits, and commission work. I will do quality work of you or a loved one, for a gift, or something to hang on your wall. 

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